What are the prices of additional prints?

The following are the prices for additional prints;

Print Size With Strut Mount
6"x4" £5.00
6"x4.5" £5.00
7"x5" £10.00
7.5"x5" £10.00
8"x6" £12.00
9"x6" £12.00
10"x7" £15.00
A4 £20.00
12"x8" £20.00
  Print Only
15"x10" £30.00
14"x11" £30.00
18"x12" £40.00
18"x12" £45.00 (Pro Paper)
20"x16" £50.00
30"x20" £60.00
45"x30" £70.00 (Matt Only)

A strut mount is a mount that is free standing for both portrait (upright) or landscape (view) with a maximum print size of 12"x8"

Are other Print sizes available?

The above image sizes are the most popular, however if you require a specific image size that is not listed, then please do not hesitate to contact me for a quote.